Are You Aware About Various Benefits of FSC Wood?

There are number of reasons why FSC wood are useful. Let us try to know them in this write up.

  • Carbon benefits – trees usually absorb CO₂ when they grow

As we know, most of the processed construction materials emits carbon and wood products will store absorbed carbon. Wood will store about 0.9 tons CO₂ per cubic meter and hence any building with wood will extend this time for when CO₂ will not be spread in the atmosphere. If that wood happens to be FSC lumber, then the forest from where it was harvested can be managed to make sure regeneration and also growth of any new trees.

  • Energy – trees require little extra rainfall and sunlight for their growth

If wood replaces the concrete then the same amount of wood may absorb and store 0.9 tons of CO₂, and result in negative carbon balance, and also reduce both input energy costs and also greenhouse gas emissions. For every cubic meter wood, if used for substituting any other materials then it can displace 1.1 tons CO₂ on an average. If we add this to 0.9 tons of stored CO₂, then total 2 tons of CO₂ can be saved by wood, per cubic meter.

  • Performance – thermal insulation properties are best for wood than any other

Wood has better thermal insulator – 350 times than steel, 10 times than brick and 5 times than concrete. A 2.5 cm wood board will have better thermal resistance than 11.4 cm wall of brick. The wood properties can also help improving energy performance of the building. Wood is much simpler and long-lasting material.

  • A renewable resource – any wood is recyclable, renewable and reusable

If your wood is from FSC approved forests, then you may be rest assured that the wood products will just not be renewable, but also the forest from where they came are also managed responsibly. Wood being a reusable resource, its recycling will need lesser energy than any other material e.g. steel or aluminum.

  • Beauty and utility – any wood is attractive, long lasting and practical 

Wood is adaptable, versatile, flexible and natural. You can use it for flooring, ceilings and paneling, and also for furniture, building frames, fencing, cladding and so on. FSC certified woods are used in almost more than 400 different product groups worldwide. With research we know, wood as warm, comfortable, relaxing and welcoming and also it can create a healthy environment, and contributes to our well-being.

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