Myths That You Must Have Heard About Foundation Repair

Any talk about foundation repair can immediately strike fear in the mind of even a laid-back homeowner. Once you get to know about the problem, immediately you look at your bank balance to check whether you can afford such big repair expense.

There are few myths about foundation repair that you must completely ignore.

  • Foundation repair cost is very high

This is the first thing that anyone will tell you which may also be true, but you cannot just believe in such blanket statement. It is quite possible that your problem may not be a big issue. Sometimes such home foundation repair is possible by simply injecting polyurethane for keeping the water out. Any other smaller issue that is observed during initial stages can be repaired without spending a big money.

  • You must wait a bit longer until the repair job becomes more affordable

When you get the repair estimates and find it to be higher than what you expected then you may try to put it off, thinking that you will take it up when you are little more comfortable. However, you will end up spending even more if you wait longer.

  • This issue was due to fault during the time when your home was constructed

Many homeowners think that foundation problems arise due to mistakes in the initial construction stage, which is true only in rare cases. You must understand that at times the soil condition under the building undergoes certain changes too.

  • Overwatering can damage your foundation

Some people may tell you about relationship between soil of the ground and foundational stability is very close and overwatering the soil may damage the foundation. However, this is not entirely true. Water may create some differences however that is not sufficient to damage the foundation.

  • Filling cracks only is required

Whenever any crack is noticed the natural response of a homeowner is to fix the crack and forget it. However, just filling the crack may not be enough which may prevent some leakage but not resolve the foundation damage.

  • Cracks will help you to identify the problem source

Cracks may help you to certain extent but not with 100% accuracy. Possibly your foundation problem did not arise due to cracks. Crack can also be due to movement in some other part of your house. Your cracks are just one of the symptoms and you have to identify few other signs too.

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